Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What the heck!

Just find it a bit disturbing. Isn't it out of concern that one will ask about another's person's health? Better still a best friend's health?

First, best friend was admitted to hospital but was informed only after the third or forth day. Kind of angry but based on her explanation, I can understand.

Second, asked her for details about her check-up. Was suppose to read her blog for updates?

I feel a little offended... yes... if you are reading this, take note. I AM OFFENDED.

Update? Do you think that I am a fan reading up on an idol's health development through a forum? I am your friend. Someone that you trust... or should I say you have trusted.

Sorry, to say this... but why complain about me not picking up my hp when you do not even call? True, I do not answer my hp on time but I return calls if I know the caller. However, I did not have any missed calls from you.

I do not have many friends unlike you... and I know why cos' I am bloody irritating. I usually will say the wrong thing at the wrong time and offend people unknowingly.

So maybe too bad, I must have offended you that is why this is happening.

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The Oyster Chronicles said...

OOps! I think you are talking about me...sorry ...I was really in a daze when I called you from the hospital.

Since my discharge, many people have been asking me about my health and giving advice and all, till I am more stressed out by my work.

I would try to upodate you as much as possible. The reason I asked you to check my blog was to read more about my feel and opinion rather than my health in particular.

I will defintely keep you updated, ok? Sorry for my "directness". Maybe I did not convey myself properly. You know how SMS are...

To make up for my blunder, I will try to arrange for a meet up...I will buy you tea... ;)

Sorry lah...

Heaps of love,
Your idoitic best friend