Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Visit to the studio

The visit to the studio yesterday was not very good. The reason was because my brother-in-law caame after us (husband and myself) and when he saw me he was not very happy. Apparently he doesn't like visitation to his artistes.

PUUUUUUIIIII... but why his sister can bring the account girls there to see their favourite Derek. I only went there to see Wei Cong in real life and then also help hubby set up the printer-fax for the sound engineer. Not as if I go there and be a crazy teenage idol chasing fan.

In the end, for two hours I sat very still at the resting area, reading my book and only got up to help hubby when he asked me to. Hubby did ask me to take out my camera and take some pix.s with Wei Cong but after seeing his brother's face, I better keep quiet at one corner.

During that two hours, Wei cong had walked around and i am so bloody tempted to look at him but think better of it...i continued to read my book.

Then the account girls came along with my sister-in-law and then they were super elated cos they managed to get the photograph of Derek. Especially the youngest one, cos' she is really goo goo ga ga over Derek. I am happy for her... at least that can boost her energy.

When we eventually left the studio, we bumped into Derek who came in from the other studio. The hubby told me to go back and get take photo... ran back, then togetehr with the youngest account girl, we took a photo and then I left hastily...fearful that my brother-in-law will return.

However, Wei Cong is not the totally main reason I am at the studio... it is because i really am trying to know how they do the music recording. Don't forget that I am a multimedia freak... I love to dabble with all these. Actually before i resigned, I did ask if I could understudy the sound engineer during the school holidays and then set up a studio in school. Now...


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