Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ashlyn's 4th Birthday (14 December 2005)

We went to the zoo with my friend and her cousin, Ivan, and niece, Andrea, both 7 years and six year sold respectively. I thought it would be difficult for Ashlyn to warm up with them but it was not true. Within an hour after the introduction, they got on quite well.

Ashlyn seems to like to play with Andrea and thank goodness, the latter also don't mnd the 4 year old tagging behind. During lunch time, when we, adults, had to buy lunch, the kids were left together and they seemed to be able to enjoy themselves, entertaining each other.

After lunch, the kids headed to the playground and really sweated it out. From the playing, Ashlyn got even mre attached to Andrea and hence they sort of became good friends, holding hands and talking to each other.

Due to the lack of time, we actually changed out iternary. We were suppose to go to Bishan Junction 8 to watch the perofrmance of Strawberry Shortcake at 1pm but we could not rush there in time. So we took our time in the zoo and decided to go to Suntec to catch the Carebears Musical at 4pm. As for the Strawberry Shortcake, we will catch it on Friday, as Ashlyn's childcare will be closed.

When we were at Suntec, I actually had no intention of joining the queue to enter the arena. Then my colleague spotted that the queue was not that long so we joined in and got the chance go take a pix with the Carebears. Ten minutes before the Carebears appear, there was a pre-show warm-up exercise, and Ashlyn, being a usual shy girl, stripped off her shyness, stood up and actually sang and danced along with the performer. She even put up her hands to try to answer the questions but of course she was not chosen. Hey, I am still happy that she joined in the fun.

After the musical, the kids went along and played with each other until it was time to go. Ashlyn sure seemed to enjoyed herself with them. The trio went off home while we stayed and waited for Kenny, his sister and accounts girls to come and join us for dinner.

It was a very tiring day but definitely a good one.

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