Thursday, December 08, 2005

My birthday celebration

Kenny took the day off alright but it did ot last long.

We went to East Coast Park, breakfast at Macdonalds, Rent two bikes and cycled from one end to another end of the park. Of course, Ashlyn enjoyed herself too. Like I mentioned the day did not go tremendously well as it was suppose to. While riding the bike, Kenny received a call from his brother, asking him why he took leave since there are many things to be settled in the office. Although, he decided that it was okay for Kenny to be on leave but the latter was sulking after the call.

Knowing how some people in the company will use this opportunity to stab him on the back, I sent him back to the office. As for Ashlyn and myself, we were left off at Bugis Junction and there, we shopped for almost two hours... two very very tired gals shopping... can you imagine that?

After his work had been settled, he came to meet us and then to dinner we went. Buffet dinner at a resturant in Plaza By The Park. Price is quite ex $38++, food selection quite okay but at least got my favourite salmon sashimi. So we ate till our stomachs could not take it anymore.

Presents??? Well, I did not get my EOS... kind of disappointed. Another disappointment ... next week Kenny cannot take leave to celebrate Ashlyn's birthday. That was an order from his brother. So I will be celebrating with her alone. Thinking of bringing her to the zoo...KFC..playground...then to toysRus to let her select her own gift or bookstore whichever she wants. Cos it's her BIRTHDAY!

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