Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A day with Ashlyn

Yeah... today I spent the day with Ashlyn at home. I decided to keep her home to spend quality time with her since there isn'tmuch going on at her school.

So we started the day with breakfast with Daddy. Then we went home to start practise of her piano. I am really quite please with her ability to play those songs that require her to play with both her right and left hands simulteanously. I hope that she will continue to grow in her interest in music.

After the piano, we did a little of study. What can I say...she could learn quite fast. Then we started on the christmas cards for her teachers.

Christmas cards...thinkit should be easy right? We strted at about 11am then had tobreak at 1p.m for her to have lunch and then nap. At 5pm, we started again. By 8.45pm, we only managed to finish 80%. Will be continuing tomorrow. So she will be home with me again.


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