Thursday, January 19, 2006

Too busy for words!

Yup! That's what I had been up to... too busy. I do not even know what I was busy with... I am still busy though. Thought that by quitting my job I will have more time on my hand to explore my life and get in touch with my daughter???

Guess I was wrong.

Still, I think everything can be worked out. I need to be better at planning my time and at the same time learn how to say NO to the people in school when they ask me to go fro relief classes. I already up to my neck with my IT lessons and the E-learning stuff where got time to do relief?

Since the school term started, I had been so busy and tired that I haven't even been able to do any housework. Now the Chinese New Year is pressing in and I am also pressed for time to complete all the spring cleaning.

Not only that, I had not been able to plan out Ashlyn's learning progress. Three weeks all wasted... I really do not like it when time is wasted like that.

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