Thursday, January 26, 2006


Have been sick since Monday... yesterday finally went to the Doc cos was running a very high fever. So I am given MC till Friday. In other words I do not have income for this whole week.

Don't know what is really wrong with me. On Monday, I was aching all over and thought it was because I tired myself out the night before when we went to Chinatown. The body ache did not get any better on Tuesday so remained at home to continue my rest. By the late afternoon, I started to sneeze (thot it was all the dust fromt he magazines that I was clearing out). Turned out that I started to have a flu. By Tuesday night, I started to develop a very very mild fever.

Wednesday, thought real hard whether to go to work but my body ache was getting from bad to worse and my flu was coming on full force. Stayed home again and thank goodness I did because by 2pm I started to feel very very cold. My feet and hands were cold. Wanted to see the Doc but was too weak to go by myself. Didn't dare tell Kenny as he was busy in the office due to the take over. I gritted my teeth and shivered till they returned home.

Went to the Doc, nice guy too, was told to be careful cos' recently many people were down will stomach flu. Gave me all the necessary medicine and a good MC covering me from Monday to Friday (this week).

Think those people in school must be hopping mad ... but really I am totally exhausted just within 3 weeks of school.

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