Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A hectic weekend

The weekend passed very quickly as it was one seriously hectic one.

On Saturday morning, we headed out to Victoria Concert hall for the SSO performance, "Babies prom", a performance for the kids. There were many many many kids... However, it was fun enough.

Then we ended up in Funan. There we bought some IT stuff for Kenny's office and then he decided to buy the EOS for me. Actually, it was not that easy. He made the effort but I really am intending of paying him back next year. So I will be working double the effort to pay for my new toy.

There was music class after getting my new toy. Afterwhich, we headed to Marina to get the items we need for Sunday's Christmas cum Ashlyn's birthday party with Kenny's friends. By the time we headed home, we are already supdur tired.

Sunday, woke up early, rushed for breakfast then the market to get the crabs for the party. Rushed home and get everything piled in the fridge, changed and then out of the house to church. After church rush back home to get the crabs then to collect the cake followed by the filling up of petrol and then to my mother-in-law's place. There we prepared whatever we needed for the night and before I can sit down and drink a cup of water, friends started to arrive.

At least, for the amount of work and time put in for the weekend, we know that Ashlyn really enjoyed herself.

Monday was rest day for me cos' today we had to celebrate her birthday in school with her friends. Then met up with my mum and we headed to Toa Payoh for Chicken Little, the movie. The movie was not as bad as what the lady had reviewed on TV.

Tomorrow, it is me and her at the zoo. No daddy, cos' he is banned from taking leave and I totally am not angry about it. I rather he go and work and make sure that those backstabbing fools do not have another chance to jab at him.

Well, my colleague is coming along with her niece and cousin(so I we do not have to run around the world in a cab, bus or MRT). So the iternary for tomorrow is (1) the zoo (2) Bishan Junction 8 to watch Strawberry Shortcake performance (3) Suntec to watch Care Bears performance (4) Wait for daddy in Suntec and shop for her present.

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