Monday, November 21, 2005

Start of the holidays

This week is the start of the school holidays. It is also the start of my worries because there will be no income for the next six weeks.

To make matters worse, this is the period whereby we have to prepare lots of gifts. There is the anniversary gifts for each other, Ashlyn's birthday gift, her gifts to her friends for her birthday celebration, the small party that my mother-in-law mentioned yesterday, then there are also christmas gifts... So I am now thinking and thinking and still thinking but yet to come to any conclusion. The only thing I know is to make everything as simple as possible but yet fun for the little girl.

Today, i kept her home to make a small christmas tree to put in her room. She was very happy doingthe project with me. However, we have only finished the first part... there is still the need to decorate her christmas tree.

Friday, her school will be closed so that will be the day that we may venture into making christmas cookies...that can serve as gifts to friends and family. Not a bad idea too.

Geraldine, if you have read the above please don't laugh okay? Since you already know what's your christmas gift...

Then there will be other days which I will keeo Ashlyn back at home to do some christmas cards to sent out to friends and her teachers.

Hmm... look like I will be quite preoccupied for these six weeks.

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The Oyster Chronicles said...

actually if you did not mention...i would not have known what my christmas present is...