Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bad Day?

Yesterday was not the best day on my life, not counting the day that my dad passed away. Made the decision to go to the zoo but the morning was gloomy...or the whole day was gloomy. However, since we need to go renew out membership we had to go.

After breakfast at the coffeeshop, hopped into the car and off we went. Halfway through SLE, I suddenly rememebered my daughter's water bottle. Realising that no one had it, we shook our head and just drove on... what else can we do? It was left in the coffeeshop.

At the zoo, we fought with the weather or should I say the sun and the gloomy clouds had some battle. It drizzled then the sun shone then it drizzled and the sun shone again and so on. Then the princess decided that she was tired and hungry. Ended our trip at the zoo for lunch.

Since the princess was tired, we headed home for the afternoon nap. Upon reaching the junction before our flat, we saw the aftermath of an accident. A car with a taxi or vice versa... the passenger of the taxi was pinned in the taxi and the paramedics were trying hard to get the victim out. The driver of the red car sat on the pavement ... dazed.

The rest of the afternoon was still alright. We napped and then went to music class with princess and was invited to pizza dinner with my mother and elder brother. Till then the day was still relatively good so we thought it is getting better.

On the way home from Pasir Ris while entering TPE, saw the aftermath of another accident. A car and a motorcycle. The motorcycle in pinned under the front bumper of the car, a groupd of motorists hurdling on the side pavement and a girl crying... where is the driver and the motorist? According to my mum, the motorist was not terribly injured but sitting at the pavement with his jeans rolled up with a few scratches.

So we confirmed that it was a terrible day and I uttered silent prayers for all victims of the accidents. Went home...wanted to rest ... but got fed up of the grown man in the room playing game as he seemed to have played for the whole week. Got into a squabble with him, along with a cat and dog fight and then ended with us laughing at the pain that we caused each other. It was not a bad kind of quarrel...its a 'I am bored so u are in trouble' kind of squabble.

Today is not as good... I nearly got into an accident and am still very puzzled why the other car knowing that I am changing lane did not slow down but came right up to my backside and honked me into a nervous wreck. He is a young 'chongster'! I almost showed him my tallest finger but thought better of it.

Let's pray that tomorrow is better. Btw, we found the water bottle...the cleaners at the coffeeshop put it aside.

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