Sunday, August 07, 2005

3 weeks into the job

It has been three weeks since I started my adjunct teaching stint. I am glad that I have this job and able to be around people that I have known. It is very comforting to be back at home base rather than out in the open with everyone vying to get to the top of the ladder.

I do not deny that before I quit teaching, I did want to climb up to the middle management position so was really trying very hard but minus the stepping on others. I cannot do that and do not know how to do that. Instead when others are in trouble, I put in my time to help but all these was not appreciated. Now I gave up the job and my career but at least I have a peace of mind. I can only try to give my best in my current job.

Now I am doing the online assignment thingy and it can get on my nerves since some teachers are totally not cooperative. They refused to put in the effort to push the pupils to complete the assignments so I have go do all the dirty work.

Next, I am teaching the P5 EM3 Maths class. Kind of cute... those boys! I only have 4 of them in my class and they are delightful, unlike those in my previous school. To my surprise, I enjoy teaching them and really hope that I am able to push them forward and build up their confidence in themselves.

Now I am taking a rest since Monday I do not need to go to work, I can have the long weekend to rest and relax.

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