Thursday, June 30, 2005

Last Day of Work... Start of New Life

Yes... 30 June 2005 marks the end of my five and a half years career with MOE. After these years, I realised that I have yet to achieve my dreams of being a good teacher. I guess passion is not enough to be a good teacher... I need more ...X factor!

Walked out of the school feeling very empty because I suddenly lost a big part of my life...teaching. I have tried other kinds of work but realised that the only thing I can do is teach. However, today is also the day that the parent of my one and only tuition kid sacked me. Sad? Absolutely. Why? The reason was I made the child find the meanings of the words in the dictionary and she thought that he had wasted too much time there. However, I do not find that it is wrong because only through such manner the child then can learn the meanings. Since his mother had dutifully written down the meanings of some words she found for him to learn but he simply ignored it, I know he has to be a little more dilligent to improve. Another reason, there was some spelling mistakes made by me. If I can remember correctly it was only two because I was very tired. I was too careless...should not have let my guard down.

But I hope I still have a little light glowing straight ahead. ACS has decided to engaged me as Adjunct Teacher...partime teacher on flexible hours. I hope God will keep this door open for me.

If you are reading this, please pray for me.

Next challenge, to let my mum know that I have resigned. That is a very tough one cos' I know she will be worried.

Geraldine, I still do not understabd the tagboard give me a bit more time to get it up.

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