Thursday, October 13, 2005

Terrorised by cockroaches

On Tuesday, while eating lunch, saw a smal brown object crawlin go my nice pink watch...a cockroach nymph. Scared the shit out of me. Shook it real hard and it dropped onto the floor and crawled aay calmly, leaving me shaking and fighting the urge to throw up my lunch. I did not manage to finish my lunch as I cannot put the image of that thing out of my mind.

Yesterday, went home happily and prepared the igredients needed for dinner. Was all ready to cook satay bee hoon, reach out to take the brown Vision Ware pot. Sitting on top of it, a two inch long COCKROACH! This time round I screamed at the top of my voice, ran out of the ktichen and left the food on the stove.

In the end, I went to the mini mart and bought the bait for cockroaches and another bottle of Sheltox, because the one that is at home, is sitting under the sink, not every far away from the THING!

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