Friday, January 30, 2009

First Day of Lunar New Year 2009

After two days of cleaning, I have to finally keep all cleaning equipments as it is bad omen to clean on the first day.

After so many years, now I finally unserstood why we are not allowed to clean or do any housework on the first day of Lunar New Year. Long ago and till now, women usually stayed home and made sure that food was on the table to feed the family and the house was cleaned throughout the year. They do not have any rest days or annual leave. Hence, there must be some wise lady who decided that they should also have some days to rest and put up their feet, if not to put on some make up and feel beautiful again. Hence, NO HOUSEWORK on the first day of Lunar New Year. (What do you think?)

Anyway, even if I want to clean the house, I can't as out first day have always been packed.

We started the day with my feeble attempt to style their hair with rag curls. I should have done it the night before so that the hair will dry as they slept.

Then, the princesses got to 拜年 to us with two oranges and we returned them with red packets.

And we were off to their paternal grandmother's house and then round the island we went and ended up at my brother's place for dinner. I felt so much more comfortable there than anywhere else and dinner was good... with my mum's best belachan chilli.

However, Ash vomited after drinking a cup of milk... guess she had not chewed her food properly and she did too much jumping around with her cousins.

So this is the four of us wishing all of you a wonderful and blessed "moo moo" year ahead.

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