Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spring cleaning for the Lunar New Year

It is the culture of the chinese to do a spring clean the house before the Lunar New Year.
This year, I was so busy and so tired that I was determined not to do any spring cleaning and also to close my doors to anyone visiting. I was too tired.

However, I just could not get this burden off my shoulders. Even if we agreed not to have any people come our house, I cannot accept that my house is not cleaned for the new year.

So on Saturday, two days before Lunar New Year, I started to clean...
Let me scare you with this pile of dust from under our bed.

I worked hard on Saturday and on Sunday to clean the house. I must say that I was proud of myself as I managed to complete one year's worth of cleaning in two days... (okay, I skipped the study room...)

After two hard days of cleaning, back is aching, eyes are itching and mood is kind of bad. But at the end of each of the two days, I get to see my two princesses loving each other, my aches are all washed away.

Here Ash and Aver were playing "scissors, paper, stone". Aver won and gave her sister a big bear hug.

And whilst watching TV, Aver felt cold and went onto the sofa where her sister was and snuggled with her.


Ahfat said...

They are so sweet. Just wonder, do they ever quarrel? I have seen quite a lot of siblings who quarrel over little things.

Arkerchi said...

ha... of course they do. Aver will scream at her sister at times and bullies her. Ash will purposely provoke her knowing that Aver sometimes wants to be alone. They don't quarrel cos Aver can't articulate but you will hear one screaming and another going all whiney...

Our Story said...

ur children are so sweet to each other