Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lunar New Year is coming

In about two weeks time, we will bid farewell to the Mr Rat and welcome Mr Ox in the lunar calendar. I just got over the hustle and bustle of 2008 Christmas and the welcoming of the New Year 2009 and now I have to think about the Lunar New Year.

I had planned to sew the princesses their dresses like 2008 Lunar New Year but my mother-in-law had generously bought new clothes for the children. I still need one new dress for Ash ... so I will embark on that soon. (Fabric had been bought already... pattern had not been decided.)

Every year, we will make a mandatory visit to Chinatown to absorb the atmosphere. Everytime, we would have a feeling of excitment but 5 minutes after entering Chinatown, we would then kind of regret going. It is very very very very very crowded. It is of the stage of "push your way through or you don't move at all" stage.

However, despite the crowd and the pushing and jostling around, the fear of losing a child in the process, the pain from many steps stepped on my toes, I can safely say that we enjoyed our time in the midst of the crowd and sweat.

You will be hit first with the bright lights.

Then there are the many orange, yellow, red, gold colours.

The bright coloured wrapped sweets.

The traditonal sweets.
The many different types of melon seeds.

Food tasting (sorry for the blurred image... there were pushing)
The perspiration
The cute Mr Ox

My favourite lion

Lunar New Year plants... (it was selling for $10 there but Superpig saw it at Cold Storage at Paradize Centre selling at $5.80. Phew... we did not buy it then.)
(Blogger died on me again... so I will continue the next time.)

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XUE said...

As I'm typing this, there are tinsy pink buds waiting to burst open, on our "mei hua" tree, right in our front yard so we are truly lucky. My kids get excited when they see the first bloom!