Friday, January 23, 2009

Visit to Chinatown (Con't)

I promised to continue from the previous post about our visit to Chinatown and I do not have to tell you why it took such a long time for it... Haiz... time ... time... time...

Anyway, let's talk about the trip.

Interesting looking plant with interesting lookin fruits.

Beautiful orchids (sorry for the lousy photos... my hands were already shaking with fatigue from carrying Aver)

Cute looking mandarin orange bags

Wonderful array of shoes...
You can buy those off the tables or you can mix and match the soles to the top and have one made to you liking.

Here is the master putting in the nails for my pair.

This is my pair... I like it but thought it looks a little solemn. I hope to get another pair .. a pink one or a white one.
Then there are waxed meat... no idea why they are still around. I only eat the sausages and had tried the wax duck (or something...) and totally puked. Maybe, my aunt did not know how to prepare them so it does not taste nice at all.
So that is the end of Chinatown for me. Next year, we will visit again and hopefully there will be less swearing.

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