Thursday, January 08, 2009

8 days into 2009

and I am already burnt out.

I decided not to list down any resolutions for this year as I fear that I will end up crashing into the land of darkness. I will take things as it comes and solve each situation one at a time. This is the best way to do things now.

Why am I burnt out?

1. Work had begun.
2. The work allocated is demanding.
3. Time is working against me.
4. With massive amount of work to complete in an average of 2 hours a day... I still do not have any idea how to get that to work.
5. Learning to plan ahead in terms of preparing lunch for Ash so that once we reach home at 3p.m., she can eat it in three minutes time.
6. Convincing myself that I am not being unprofessional by telling the "important people who allocated the work to me" that I am not able to put in the time that they think I can. I quit from full time teaching because I want to be able to nurture my children and also there is no one else taking care of them. (I work 6 hours in the day and takes care of the children after that plus the household chores...) I do not have the luxury of "me-time"... actually I do not even have the luxury of sleep time... on the average, I sleep 2 hours a night. That explains my nice gothic looking eyes and perfect orange peel complexion.

So, lets handle one thing at a time.

I have to learn to stop and pray for The Lord to help me unburden my burdens.

Now... I need to go wash my shirt for tomorrow, cook lunch for tomorrow and eat my dinner.

Hope to see my blogging friends soon. I am missing the blog world so much.


Suzanne said...

Hi Wen, try and keep your chin up. Can you drop your work hours a bit, that is a way too demanding when you have small children.

Ahfat said...

Just wondering what type of teaching scheme you are under for now. Don't tax yourself too much, sometimes something can be given up, don't forget you have only 24hrs a day and 2 hands.

Arkerchi said...

hi, thanx my friends.

The school and i came to a compromise already. They now know that it is impossible for me to stay on in the school as I am the sole care-giver so we are working out some form of agreement.

Ah Fat,
I am doing the flexi-adjunct scheme... but because this is the school that I had worked before, they know that I am quite a willing worker.

But it dawned on me yesterday that maybe God had piled so much on me is to teach me to start to say "no" and speak my points. I have always been a "yes" person.


Ahfat said...

Glad that you speak to your school and things are working out. Chinese New Year is coming, cheer up, you will have 4 days of holiday in a row. :)

XUE said...

I always think that teaching is a really tough job so I do admire that you teach, craft, sew, blog & am a mom of 2 !!!