Monday, December 14, 2009

Polymer Clay Desserts

I tried to use polymer clay. I love the may products I saw so I went out and bought some clay plus a new (cheap) oven toaster for all my crafts needs.

I tried it out yesterday near to midnight... I just had to try it because I cannot stand another night of sleeplessness. You see, I have this bad habit. Whenever I need to learn a new thing or to design something to sew, I will go over it in my head until I am familar with all the steps before I start on it. So this polymer clay thingy has been on my head for three to four days and I slept with it in my dreams, woke up with frustrations when I cannot figure it out, went back to sleep again and the cycle went on for nights. I could not sleep properly. And since I had a birthday party coming up, I cannot embark on the polymer clay project...

So I gave it a go yesterday and I still need to get to know my oven a little better to get the right result (in other words, not burning them!)

My First Try... Donuts

Second try... Cake

Next up... Chocolates

Tell me what you think.


about Jaeden said...

first try..donuts can be better

the cake is very kawaii

the choco..looks yummy...:p

Pauline Perh said...

I like the chocolate, especially we can see the cross section, like it has been bite.

wendyywy said...

The chocolate looks so real