Tuesday, December 08, 2009

04 December 2009 , Homeschooling continues in the evening.

We started lesson with a quick flash card on the theme 'My Body'.
I picked a few words, showed it to her and asked her to pick out the word that I said.
Well, the ability to link the written word to the aticulated word is still not there so it requires more pratices.

This day, we learnt the vowel 'o'.
Aver is able to make the 'o' sound and identify the 'o's in each of the words in the writing sheet.
Then she moved on to practice writing it and has no problem with it.

After writing the 'o's, she practiced writing the letters that she learnt in earlier lessons.
Her tracing skills improved and her written letters looked nicer now.

After all that writing, I gave her brain a little memory work out.
I showed her the picture below for about 5 seconds and then cover it.
She was then to pick out the characters that she saw in my picture.
She was able to do it.
Then I showed her my picture again for another 5 second.
This time round, she was to place the characters that she picked out at the correct places.
She did well for this round too.
I learnt this from her enrichement lessons that she attended earlier in the year.

Then we proceeded to shapes. I had different shapes in different sizes and colours.
Here, she was to catergorise all the jumbled pieces into shapes.
Next time, I will get her to do it in sizes.

And, to end it all... READING TIME!!!

She had enjoyed her lessons so far and she will even go to the kitchen to get the red marker and then come ask me for lesson.

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