Friday, December 04, 2009

Aver's homeschooling continues and it is picking up speed slowly.
This is because I have kind of forgotten what I had done with Ash when she was younger, so I am cracking my head as I go along. This is just me growing old...

The second lesson comprised of flashcards, learning the letter 'i', and reading.
We started with word flashcards on the theme 'My Body'.
Then we proceeded to doing a few activities from a particular preschool activity book.
Next, we learnt the letter 'i' - the phonetic sound of it and writing both the capital and small letter 'i'.

She was then to identify the letter 'i' from the words and also from a jumble of letters.

Thereafter, she revisited the previous letters that she had learnt, 'a' and 'e'.
Here, she was to identify all the capital letters of 'A', 'E' and 'I'.

After all those hard work, we settled down to read and then it was sleeping time.

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