Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas will be here...

in 3 days, and I have yet to get my good old faithful tree out.
Although, I feel christmasy but I am not in the mood to bring out the tree.
I think this year, I will concentrate on the true meaning of Christmas.

Oh heck it... I may just bring the tree out tomorrow... and have a little christmas lights in the house and still let the children know the true meaning of Christmas.

It had been a hectic year and it will be an even more hectic 2010 as I have to prepare Aver for better homeschooling curriculum and Ash will be in Primary 3, which requires more guidance in her work.

For now, I am crazily preparing Christmas gifts :)
I love the feeling of giving and sharing whatever talents the Lord has bestowed upon me.
I hope those who receive my handmade presents will love (like) it too.

And Merry Christmas to everyone out there (who still click into this little space of mine...), let's rejoice that God had given His only son to us to save our lives and to cleanse our sins.

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