Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Under the Sea - IMAX Movie Premiere

It had been the usual Saturday morning of logging on to my mail to clear the mailbox when I saw this particular email from Diana of 24Seven Communications. It was an invitation to response to the call of watching a IMAX premiere at Omni-theatre. I checked my mail a little too late but I sent back a thank you reply though (I still have a little manner…). Well, on Monday, I got an email from Diana and I was extremely happy that the opportunity was still opened.

20 October 2009, Tuesday - Grand Premiere for IMAX Under the Sea at the Singapore Science Centre, proudly sponsored by Mead Johnson. I was all eager to go and have a relaxing time at the infamous dome shaped theatre, Omni-theatre, which will give you the 3D effect. I had been there a few times before and truly enjoyed myself, however, Ash and Aver had not the experience. Plus, this week is a week off from school, Ash had been cramping hard for her impending exam so it would be a good break for her too.

Where is Omni-theatre? Where is the Singapore Science Centre? Jurong… all the way west! Okay, if you stay at the west, it is not a challenge… I reside over at the Northeast area and am a lost cow so I had the challenge of driving there. As usual, I did manage to get lost in the process but I have my trusty GPS system, Superpig (on the phone).

Once we are safely at the theatre, we met up with Claudia and Diana from 24seven Communications. They will helpful and briefed me a little… it is my first time doing this and well… a lost cow, that is what I am…moo moooooooooooooo.

While waiting for the screening of the show, we get to go on a simulated ride, Morphis Movie Ride. Ash went for it while Aver and I waited eagerly for her. We wanted to know how the experience was like. Aver could not go on the ride as she is still a little shortie.

She was no where near the 107cm height requirement … so she argued and she whined. Sorry, my dear, you are just too short… maybe you should drink more milk?

After an estimated 5 minutes, the door opened and out came Ash. She was all excited and could not wait to tell us what it was like.
“It is a road. Then the thing will go up and up and then down and down! Did you hear the bumping sound? Yes? That is when the road had a lot of things in front of it. Then we bumped into it… we keep bumping and bumping! And ouch… I had a cut on my arm. I scratched myself on the bar when the thing go up and down. Very pain…”
So, despite the little scratch, she enjoyed the ride.

Then there was the projection room. We saw massive rims of films… I believe those were the films for the show or were they not?

Once in the theatre, the girls were all excited and were full of questions.
“Where is the screen?”
“Why are the seats so far back?”
‘Mummy, see that black thing? What is that?”
The screen covers up to half of the dome-shaped theatre. It will then give a good effect of being in the show itself. The seats are inclined as you need to lean back and enjoy the full screen. At first, the gals refused to lean back, they find it awkward, after all, we do not usually sit in this manner at a cinema.

The black thing…. Well, I believe it is the projector.
With the arrival of the distinguished guest,, Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of National Development, Ministry of Education, the show was all ready for screening.

Wait…. There was the sponsor of this event… Mead Johnson Nutrition. What does this company have installed for all? I will let you know later… there is so much to share with you.

And so the movie started… we can hear the ‘aaaawwww…’ and ‘the aaaahhhh…’ and ‘the ooohhhhh….’ from around us and within us too. The feeling of underwater in the sea with the beautiful corals and the creatures simply caught my breath away. Ash was paying full attention to what was narrated. She was all focused on the screen and watching out, ready to spot the elusive fishes in hiding, waiting for its preys. Aver was speechless… she simply absorbed the sights and the sounds. I was holding her and I can feel her all tensed up when we waited for the attack on the prey by the cuttlefish. It was amazing to see so clearly the change in the colours and patterns on the cuttlefish as they communicate with each other. The graceful flapping of the jelly fish, the brilliant colours of the many coral fishes, like the clown fish, the convict fish, the sharp jaws of the Great White, the dance of the eels, the swiftness of the sea snakes, the sea turtle and so many more which you really have to go see it for yourself to enjoy it.

I don’t scuba dive and had not been given the opportunity to do so and this particular movie had given me the chance to dive into the water and enjoy sights of what is hidden under the sea. I did not have to worry about the current sweeping me away or my oxygen tank running out of air… it sure was a safe yet wonderful trip to Under The Sea!

How do I know my gals enjoyed the show? Aver blew kisses to the sea lions and Ash could not stop talking about what she saw to her Daddy. Superpig had missed this eventt due to work. He was disappointed when he heard how Ash had described the show. Well, if he promised to clear up the house soon, I would sponsor him a ticket… I want to go again! So do the gals! Well, Ash seemed to have learnt a lot more from this movie than from what she had read in her books. So it sure was worth it!

Now, back to Mead Johnson Nutrition… What does this milk producing company have to do with the show or with Science Centre Singapore?

Mead Johnson Nutrition made the move to collaborate with Science Centre Singapore to further enhance learning for young children. Mr Roger Dallas, General Manager of Mead Johnson Nutrition said that a child’s quest for a bright future begins with the parents. What parents feed them and how they are nurtured in their daily activities directly affect their level of learning during the growing years. So the company is steadfast in their beliefs of providing scientific-based nutritional solutions to help in supporting the brain development and body resistance of the child through their products. The Science Centre Singapore, on the other hand, provides the environment to nurture the child’s learning.

To further enforce this belief, with every purchase of Enfagrow A+/ Enfakid A+/ EnfaSchool A+, customers will be rewarded with a complimentary ticket for one child into the Science Centre Singapore. Adults will also receive a discount voucher for entry unto the Science Centre Singapore. In addition, the voucher includes discounts for other attractions; Snow City and Omni Theatre.

Why not? Now we not only have the milk to ensure the brain cells healthy growth, we can also have the many hands-on learning activities at the Science Centre to enhance the children knowledge and to increase their interest in learning.

There are Enfagrow A+ (for ages 1 to 3), Enfakid A+ (for ages 4 to 6), EnfaSchool A+ (for age 6 years and above) to choose from. So go grab one and enjoy the discount vouchers.

How I wish Mead Johnson Nutrition would come up with Soy milk … Aver is allergic to cow’s milk.

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