Sunday, October 04, 2009

Everything seems to be not going smoothly

As much as I want to be cheery and as much as I brainwash myself that things will iron out soon, it seemed not to be happening.

Things are getting very difficult for me to handle here on my side of the world. I have been trying and trying but it seemed to be going nowhere except downwards to the deepest pit.

I am still trusting in the Lord that He would show me the way. I try not to lean on my own understanding and am trying to listen to what He have to say to me. However, all I hear is silence or my own head pounding in pain.

No... this is no cheery post and I am not comfortable telling everyone what difficulty I or we are facing. I only know that I have to try harder and harder I am really trying but nothing seems to be working.

At this time I can only remember this particular hymn...
Onward Christian Solider...

Yes... onward I will go in the name of the Lord.
With His strength and His blessing, I believe we will be able to iron out all the problems.


Suzanne said...

Hi Wen, sending love and prayers your way.
Be kind to yourself, you are allowed to feel like this you dont have to be strong all the time.

Anonymous said...

Wen, i really wana say, sincerely, truthfully, 'realitily', U are not alone...alf