Monday, October 19, 2009

Our trip to the fish farm

Ash's year-end exam will be coming up next week. This week due to the PSLE marking, school is closed and with the Deevapali, school is closed in lieu today. So we have a week to prepare for the examination.

However, before we start the hard work, I requested for a trip to the fish farm for the girls on Saturday, which was Deepavali.

We did the 'long kang' fishing or translated to fishing in the drain.

Total catch was seven, 4 by me and 3 by Superpig.

My method: wait patiently and net the fish when the chance arrives.

Superpig's method: put the net in, flip hard at the fishes, unlucky one that was in the way of the net, will be flipped onto land. Then, go claim your flipping and flapping fish.

The girls tried but it was not easy for them... the fishes were too fast, the drain a little too deep.

Then, they went to feed the kois. Aver would patiently throw in one pellet at a time, at the dismay of the kois. Ash was a little kinder to the kois by throwing a few pellets at a time.

What warmed our hearts was that when Ash emptied out her package of fish food, Aver shared with her.

So we had an enjoyable outing there.

After the examination, it will be a trip to another 'long kang' fishing hunt.

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Pauline Perh said...

Glad that you all have fun.