Thursday, August 16, 2007

Update of my To-Do List


On my to-do list...

1. A "I'm not a plastic bag 2" bag....Ha ha ha... it is not a joke.
It is true I am caught up in the craze of that expensive safe the earth bag (which does nothing to safe your pockets though). So together with Superpig, we decided on our own version of it.

-->> Have not started

2. A nice bag for my breast pump which I need to carry to work every Wednesday.

-->> Have not started

3. A dress for Aver (similar to her sister)
Since their age differ by 5 years, it is very difficult to find clothes that are the same for the both of them. I kind of like the idea that they wear similar dresses. So I decided to sew for them.

-->> Have not started

4. Crochet leg warmers for Aver.
These will keep her legs warm when she wear her little short pants and skirts when we are out in the malls.

-->> COMPLETED and super proud of it!

5. Scrap booking albums of both girls
(yes ... scrap booking is still around. I simply love it!)

-->> Have not started

It is not much of an accomplishment but at least I am able to strike off something from the list.

However with one item removed, I have to add more in...

The add-ons:

1. Clear out the study room.
It has become very very cluttered. Well, things that have not been in use will have to go.

2. Start selling off our Precious Moments Collection
It is time to say goodbye to majority of it. We have decided that since we are only concentrating on the Angels series then the rest have to go. On top of that, we will not be buying new ones either.

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