Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sunday activities -12 August 2007

Was not feeling very well in the throat region so decided not to go to church. Plus have been rather tired lately and would like to stay home and rest.

Want to stay home and rest? - Don't sound one bit like me.


Despite the pain in the throat, I prepared the penguin pancakes for breakfast. Since I was sick I could actually not do it at all. However, since I had promised Ash, I think I would just delivery my promise.

So everyone enjoyed the pancakes with the exception of Aver, of course.

After breakfast, Ash decided that she wanted to do her Pooh activity book. So off she went.

While Aver napped and Ash with her activity, Superpig was with his PC and me with mine. I was happily surfing the web to find interesting crafts to do...sewing patterns, crocheting and so on.

We were suppose to go out with my brother and family for lunch but no one seemed interested in moving out of the comfort of our house (despite the mess).

So there was lunch and then there was nap time (a second one for Aver).

Superpig having a snooze on the sofa.

Ash lazing on her sofa bed.

Aver in her ever so cute sleeping pose. (The picture is in another phone waiting to be uploaded)

And after they woke up, my turn to crash on the sofa.

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