Sunday, August 12, 2007

I am so into my crafts

I love being a stay-at home mum.

I enjoy looking at my little ones growing up. I enjoy the fact that I have control over how I want them to be... like their diet and so on.

I enjoy having the ability to note down all the little things that they do.

Furthermore, I enjoy doing things for them.

I am so into my crafts that it helps to put out all those irritating, non-constructive, harmful, self-pitying, depressive thoughts. Okay, I admit that they do come back once in awhile but I fight it off. I switch on my laptop, go online and then surf the web, look for sewing projects, read other sewers' blog and then get all spruce up again.

So what have I done so far?

I have...
1. Reform the boring white bibs to sweet little things. (It had been posted up earlier)
2. In the process of completing a dress for Ash.

Well, I have not done much but there are many to be done.

On my to-do list...
1. A "I'm not a plastic bag 2" bag....

Ha ha ha... it is not a joke. It is true I am caught up in the craze of that expensive safe the earth bag (which does nothing to safe your pockets though). So together with Superpig, we decided on our own version of it.

2. A nice bag for my breast pump which I need to carry to work every Wednesday.

3. A dress for Aver (similar to her sister)

Since their age differ by 5 years, it is very difficult to find clothes that are the same for the both of them. I kind of like the idea that they wear similar dresses. So I decided to sew for them.

4. Crochet leg warmers for Aver.

These will keep her legs warm when she wear her little short pants and skirts when we are out in the malls.

5. Scrap booking albums of both girls (yes ... scrap booking is still around. I simply love it!)

Am I not a busybee?

Thank you Superpig for your encouragements, your support (by ferrying me to Spotlight), your monetary contributions, and many more. I love you, Superpig!

Oops... I forgot one more project that is still sitting in the sewing box. A quilt for is quite a big project so I am waiting for more courage to build up.

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Mel said...

lucky you! I wish i had more time to do crafting stuff.. :)