Monday, July 16, 2007

Holidays were over for 4 weeks...

and what was I busied with?

Actually, I have not gotten back into a proper routine yet. Kenny had a fake dengue fever scare three weeks ago and hence had a difficult time trying to cope with his up and down fever. I was also very worried as the doctors were not very prompt in getting the blood test results. Plus two doctors (of the same clinic) gave different diagnosis at the end. However, it lasted for one week and thereafter, he was better and I thought I could return to normal schedule.

Then the last week, Ash had a high fever and that went up and down for three to four days and coupled with diarrhoea. So everything went hay wired again.

So I had been rather busy.

There are many things that I want to do but really am feeling a bit lousy to do anything at all. I feel another bout of depression coming in again and I do not know what is the trigger.

Hopefully, by penning down the things that I need to do will help me keep more focused and hence kick that depression away.

Things to do:
1) Organise photographs for printing
2) Scrap booking project for Ash (from birth to now)
3) Scrap booking project for Aver
4) Edit videos... many of them
5) Sewing of dress for Ash
6) Sewing of quilt for Ash
7) Prepare picture flashcards for Aver

Okay, I do have a lot of things on hand to do but why do I feel so empty and useless? Something must be very wrong with me.

I had also made up my mind to curb our spending. I realised that we had been out shopping over the weekends and that really hurt out pockets. Hence, I told Superpig that weekends should be spent in parks, libraries and zoo. I must try to stay away from shopping centres. That should not be difficult as there are many projects to do with Ash while at home too.

Now, I must get myself all perked up to counter this weird feeling of emptiness and lousiness.

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