Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lunar New Year

My blog posts are so out of sync with the the dates on the calender. Ha... that is one busy mum (that's why).

This is the first Lunar New Year in the new nest. It was easier as I have yet to collect too much dust and clutter, so spring cleaning was done in one day (not counting the bathrooms... which was left to the last minute).

As usual, both Superpig and I are the youngest in our families so no one will come to our place for visiting. So it was quite a quiet Lunar New Year which after the first hectic day, we were practically left on our own to enjoy the long weekend.

However, our good old friends did drop by and it was good. That is what this house is for... for friends to come and play catch up. Yet, there are a few who did not join us and they are missed. I hope to see them soon.

On the First Day, the two Princesses in their pretty dresses sponsored by their paternal Grandmother. When the two are in amicable moods, they love each other to bits. I wish for more of such days.

This little one is a very good poser. When she sees the camera, she will flash you her best toothy smile and then she gives you her two fingers pose. She is a charmer.

This other princess, on the other hand, is more self-conscious. She is very careful when she smiles as she worries about how her teeth will look. So it is more challenging to get a good photo of her. Yet, when you do, you will be rewarded with her demure charm (which she does not portray on her day to day life... she is a tomboy!)

And here we are... the four of us.
Lastly, enough of the princesses, enough of having four in a picture.
It's only us!

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Suzanne said...

Lovely photos of you all and the dresses and your girls are beautiful.