Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy New Year

I must be crazy... it has been four weeks into 2011 and here I am saying 'Happy New Year' to you. Well, the year started busy and busy and busy... there is no other words I can use to describe how the four weeks were.

I was hoping that this year will be less hectic and that I will be able to start on my tuition project but apparently my plan did not work out. After work, I rushed home to my two princesses and they drove me up the wall with quite a bit of their nonsense. I screamed at them (a lot)... which was not nice at all. I had pent up frustrations and stress from work, I was being patient with non-achieving pupils but lost all patience with my own princesses over something real small. I really hated myself for these four weeks.

With a tired body and mind, I set out to introduce myself to my pupils' parents via an email. It was a wrong choice... I had always had a good relationship with parents but not this time. That email I wrote was used to slap me in the face and it was 'corrected' in red, forwarded to the principal and was told that since I do not have a good command of English, I should not be teaching. The lesson I had learnt... no point being friendly to parents (they find opportunities to slap back at you), no point putting all my efforts to help the children (I ended up killing my own)... I am badly bruised from this particular incident. After so many years of teaching, this parent gave me a rude shock.

How bad can my 'new year' be? It sure was a 'happy' one.

Now... after all that, I really wish to get back on my crafting mood and get rid of all these bad vibes.

I am embarking on a crochet rabbit...

and... this year, my children are wearing store bought clothes for the Lunar New Year. I did not have time to sew for them. Upset.

But I read this on a notice board in another class...

I say ... 'I am lost'
God says..."I will guide you" (somewhere on that line... I forgot)

This year will really be a test on my faith. Getting out my Bible to help me stay on the right track. Pray for me... if you are reading.


Margarete said...

Just stopping by to say Hello. I came across your blog while searching for Valentine's crafts.
Don't let that person bother you that "corrected" your letter. They seem to have nothing better to do with their time. ~smile~
Have a great night and enjoy your weekend.
Stop by my blog sometime. :)

about Jaeden said...

yes..i will pray..for you..pray that this year u will walk closer to psalms 1:1-6.