Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day

it came and went with a bustling of activities as it happened to fall on the first day of the Lunar New Year. So it was a good excuse for Superpig to not celebrate V-day and since we had all the visiting to do, I did not nag him for a celebration.

He took a day off from work the Friday before that weekend so that he could pick up Ash from school, since her school had an early dismissal due to the Lunar New Year celebration and mine dismissed at the usual time. He went shopping in the morning after dropping us off at schools.

He was so excited shopping and bought clothes for the girls. He was sending me sms-es and calling me to update on his shopping and it irked me that I was at work and not there. So I dropped him a hint to shop for my V-day's gift.

And he bought... (humble gifts from a humble place)

but I love them all as they are all useful things. I especially love the seaweed cutters which I had stopped myself from buying the last few times I was there. Other items include, shoe stands for freeing up space in the shoe cabinet, black chopping board with measurement to allow precise cutting of my maki, laundry bag for my fragile clothes. See how useful his gifts were?

Of course, he also gave me this thing that I am using now to blog... my laptop. It is a gift to cover for all 'gifting' occasions in the year 2010. I don't mind... as long as he continue to give me humble gifts from the humble place that suit my humble needs.

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