Sunday, February 28, 2010

A little spree

I got a logico set over a spree from a local mothers' forum and we waited for another month to collect it as my Superpig had no time to collect it.

Once I got it, I quickly take a look at it and started on it with Aver.
Although the set is in Chinese, it is based on the same concept of the original German version (which will cost me two trips to a lasik operation!) Aver finished the first book in two sittings and she loves it.

After logico, we did a little reading.

These few days, I started to feel the anxiety. Something is eating away at my head. Next year, Aver will be in kindergarten 1 and she is ready for it. She is still so much like a baby. I am losing sleep over it and it irritates me a lot.

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