Thursday, November 19, 2009

On the crafting side...

I had little time so I had to do something small and fast.
I also had to experiment new projects to share with Ash as the year end holiday is coming.
So I made these...
These are my first try.

These are my next try and they are waiting to be vanished.

How do they look? Please let me know, thank you.


Anonymous said...

definitely nice! ash must be proud with these! good for xmas or party gifts! saw such diy materials in tubes form and greatly regretted not getting them!alf

about Jaeden said...

hmmm...wan my comments? the last pixs look like marcoon...are they decorations? ;P

Arkerchi said...

Thanx :)

these are done by me. Ash have not started yet. Will be soon.

The last ones are macarons... and they will eventually become handphone dangles and magnets. But must go through the stress test first.