Friday, March 23, 2007

First day of work - 21 March 2007, Wednesday

Went back to work two days ago.

Was very nervous as I had to ensure that I had enough expressed breast milk for Averlyn. So was trying very hard to express my milk on Tuesday and managed to expressed a total of 7.5 oz. Based on the calculation on a website, Averlyn would need about 2.5 oz to 3 oz each feed. So considering that I would be away for four hours, Averlyn should have enough. If she really doesn't, there was the frozen stash. Still, I was nervous. In the end, I was scolded by my mum and Superpig.

The conversation that transpired between the three of us:
"You still have the frozen milk! Why you worry so much?" said Superpig.
"It is better to have the one that was expressed 24 hour before than the frozen ones." I tried to explain.
Mum sat there, shaking her head.
"Then got so many frozen bags for what?" a rather impatient Superpig said.
Not wanting to lose in the battle, I retorted,"To make breast milk ice-cream for you to eat!"
"She wants to make ice-creams for you, so let her continue to freeze lah!" my cannot take it anymore Mum said.
Superpig gave up the battle...
So I won.

Anyway, I realised that those full time working mothers are really superwomen. The number of milk bottles I had to wash and also to sterilise before I set off to work was no fun. Although, I only had to prepare 4 bottles and a pair of pump, I still find that that was a lot of work. Then, I had to squeeze my pump machine, the pump, bottles, cooler bag and ice block into my bag. In the end, my bag was bulging and unable to be zipped up.

So off I went to work along with Superpig and Ashlyn, leaving Averlyn in the care of my mum. At least, she did no cry when she saw me left.

In my absence, Averlyn did cry a little and it was because she was tired. She managed to catch a little nap but was awoken by my phone call home. She had no problem drinking the expressed milk from the milk bottle. She drank 2.5 oz with a little coaxing from my mum. She drank and drifted off to sleep so my mum said it was not too bad afterall. At around 4p.m., she took another 2.5 0z and drifted off to sleep. She woke up not long after when we (Superpig and myself) came home. She woke up and started looking for me, her eyes following wherever I went.

So the day went quite well in Averlyn's area. However, in my owm area it was not too well. I was already having a little flu but by evening, my flu got very bad. So I had to request for a day of MC from Superpig the next day. Yes, stay-at-home-mum also need medical leave...

Thank you Superpig for staying home to work so that I had ample rest.

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