Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Earthquakes in Sumatra

Yesterday was the first time in my life that I encounter tremors at my house. I had always heard people around me saying that they had experienced tremors when there were earthquakes in Indonesia and had always wondered what it felt like.

So I felt it twice yesterday at home. The first time was at 1155 a.m. while I picked Averlyn out of her playpen as she wanted to be carried. At that time her playpen was shaking and the glass doors of the display cabinet were shaking too. I thought it was because I was shaking the playpen and hence it knocked against the glass doors. I quickly took a step away and the playpen and glass doors were still shaking. I took a look at the lundry rack and saw that it was also swaying. At that same time, I ws feeling giddy. Fearing that I may faint and drop Averlyn from my arms, I made my way to the sofa. Then it occurred to me that it could be due to an earthquake.

I was in a forum chat and spotted a topic which highlighted that they also felt the tremors. Then I realised that I was right and that was how it felt to be swaying in a high-rise flat, all the way up on sixteenth floor. Sure was giddy.

Considering that Averlyn's playpen was right beside the display cabinet, I decided that I would let her sleep on the sofa beside me. So for the rest of the time, I sat on the sofa working on my laptop with Averlyn beside me.

After two hours or so I felt giddy again. Saw that the sofa I was sitting on seemed to be swaying. Took a look out of the window and realised that the flat was really swaying. Then Averlyn woke up crying. Immediately called Kenny and reported to him about the second tremor. His reply," Aiyah! Not there to experience it. What a waste." .... duh! I am scared out of my wits and that was his reply.

Then after that I have this nagging giddiness that didn't seemed to go away. There was also this nagging fear of another tremor.

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