Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Bad Fall

On Saturady morninng (3 Feb 07), Ashlyn tripped over her own shoes and fell. It was a very bad fall.

She fell right beside me and at the moment I wanted to help her up and consoled her but I could not. I was helpless. In my arms was Averlyn and hence there was no way I could pick Ashlyn up at all. My heart hurt everytime I think of it. I realised that it is not easy to be a parent to more than one kid. I miss the time I had with Ashlyn only. I missed the closeness that we had. Now, she will look for her Daddy more than me.

I cannot blame her. Averlyn is a very sticky baby and she sticks to me. Everytime Ashlyn looks at me, Averlyn will be in my arms. I can feel her lost too.

Despite this, Ashlyn has been a great sister to Averlyn. She will help me watch over her while I get some stuff done around the house. She enjoys giving her little sister hugs and kisses. It warms me everytime she does that.

On top of all these, Ashlyn will comfort me when I breakdown after a long and tiring time with Averlyn. She will always say," Mummy, babies are like that. You cannot get angry. Don't cry, okay? I call Daddy?"

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