Thursday, November 24, 2011

12 years into our marriage

It has been 12 years...
I had no idea that we had been married for such a long time.

Our community club had an event for couples to renew their wedding vows and

I thought it would be good to join in too. And it was held on 20.11.2011 which happened to be 3 days before our wedding anniversary. So it was a good opportunity to join in and had a little fun. The event was simple and although it was suppose to be a serious affair, both of us being
jokers cannot help it but add in a little laugh along the pledging of our vows.

On our day itself, it so happened that my mother took two days off work and she scooted the two gals to have a sleepover at my aunt's house. So we had the day to ourselves. We enjoyed a simple day of just fooling around with each other and enjoying each other's


It happened to be the first day of the OCBC Cycle 2012, so we went to join the queue and registered ourselves for a 39km challenge (last year, I did the 20 km community ride ... it was fun although tiring)

Then off we went for a simple but sumptuous meal....

And then to presents shopping...
After our 2nd year of marriage, we stopped wearing our wedding rings as both of us got a little out of size and we developed skin rashes where the rings were. So for ten years, we went without our rings but that did not make our marriage an
y worse. So this year, we decided to get a new pair. Not one with diamonds and gold but a pair of simple surgical steel rings which costs only $60.

Thereafter, he spotted a pie-maker and he was totally impressed
and we bought that too and that costs just as much as our pair of rings.

Then off we went to buy my fave chocolates... yummy.

And then we scooted off to a little shop, saw some headphones and earphones and I bought one for him to enjoy his fave music while on the bus to and fro work. (We are sharing that gift but I think I will just let him have it.)

To the bookstore we went... he found his book and he had to get the gals a book each too. I decided to wait for my birthday to get the book that I wanted because there will be further discount.

In between all those presents shopping, we ate again... Cheap and good food :)

We had our ups and our downs... we struggled through him being jobless for a few months and we had our quarrels... but we survived. How did we do it? He told me that after a few years into the marriage we had decided that we would not try to change each other. Which was quite true... instead of changing each other's habits, we learned to accommodate and compromise.

We are happy after all!

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I cried .. For yr joy .. Alf