Monday, November 29, 2010

A day out into the gardens ...

on our 11th wedding anniversary.

After of 11 years of each other's nonsense, we have two princesses added into our lives to add in more nonsense. These 11 years have been filled with lots of laughter, tears, shouting, screaming, hugging, presents, love, insecurity and much more but I want to only remember the good and goofy things.

I remember his love for me, his tolerance towards me, his patience, his understanding, his never-ending 'cold' jokes... I hope he will remember the good and goofy things about me too.

The two princesses and their added nonsense to brighten up our lives.

After all the packing of the cameras, we set off to the Botanical Gardens. I had the intention of having an informal family portrait surrounded by nature but the plan was not carried out as Superpig was enticed by the BEAUTIFUL orchids in the National Orchid Gardens. Oh well, I guess the family portrait can wait because my memory card (s) were also exhausted by the hundreds of clicking to capture the beauty of the orchids.

The princesses each were armed with digital cameras and my intention was for them to take photos of their loving parents but alas, the orchids caught their attention.

Seeing how bright he looks frolicking with the orchids, I cannot help it but to capture his gleeful look amongst the orchids that shared his colour on his shirt. He was so compatible with those little yellow ones.

This little princess with her cheeky smile and her digital camera caught the eyes of a group of Indian tourists who insisted on having her on their video. They sort of scared her ... she did not cooperate with them, gave them a blank stare and ran to hide behind her daddy's backside.

This big princess, on the other hand, had difficulty trying to smile. She doesn't really like to smile for the camera so it was a difficult task for me to take a pretty photo of her.

And that was how we spent the earlier part of the day, all wet with perspiration, out frolicking with the orchids. For the later part of the day, we soaked in air-conditioned mall, indulged in
tubs of pop-corn, watching a kid friendly movie "Mega Mind". To top it all off, we had a nice, cheap dinner at the basement of PS and three packs of chocolates as anniversary gifts to each other.
This year, there was no mega celebration in fancy restaurant nor big presents that burn our pockets. We simply enjoyed ourselves with our children with the simplest pleasures.
I will be back to show you the photos of the lovely orchids that sucked up all the memory in my memory cards of three cameras.

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Anonymous said...

nothing's more important and meaningful than being happily together...thanks for sharing your simply wonderful anniversary.
God Bless