Sunday, October 03, 2010

More on the moving...

And so I have been busy packing. I have been packing for the last few weekends and I am surprised by the enormous amount of stuff I have at home. Eventhough, I tried to eliminate stuffs that I do not need, I realised that I had recently packed up the house once and had back then threw away quite a bit of excess items.

Week 2 of packing

Week 3 of packing
And then, I lost track of the days and time as the discussion for the renovation kicks in. All that I remembered is that all the weekends, I was under house arrest, packing away. I get an occasional call from Superpig to get out of the house to go looking for bathroom accessories, beds and so on. When I got these calls, I would be extremely upset because my progress for packing comes to a standstill.

Here is the most recent outlook of the boxes... my windows are 80% covered up with the boxes. I am at Box 54 as of this posting.

If you are wondering why is the picture so dark... that is because I have practically covered the windows. We have no more space around the house to place the boxes.
Later at noon, we will unofficially get the keys to our new home. I am so excited about it that I cannot continue with my packing. I just hope that the previous owner will keep his words ... He had removed some items that are considered as fictures in the house. But, because the stuffs that he had removed were not significant so I will let it pass. I am afriad that he will do something drastic.

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