Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So many things have happened since the last update

Yup... my preganancy is going on well so far. I am into the three and a half months into the pregnancy. Everything seems to be fine except that in the mornings I get morning sickness. At the same time, I have very weird kinds of food cravings...I carve for cuttlefish, satays, burger king's mushroom swiss and many many more.

As for work, I am still up to my neck with it. But still for the fact that I am having a second child I must work hard to earn the money.

Then for my piano lessons, going well too. Ashlyn's one also doing quite well. We had withdrawn her from the music school and found a very very good private piano teacher. So for the fact that we have put in so much effort for her and myself, we decided to buy a piano.

So the piano is here today and I had my first practise session on it already. Not too bad but it can be tiring for my ever so delicate fingers.

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