Thursday, November 24, 2011

12 years into our marriage

It has been 12 years...
I had no idea that we had been married for such a long time.

Our community club had an event for couples to renew their wedding vows and

I thought it would be good to join in too. And it was held on 20.11.2011 which happened to be 3 days before our wedding anniversary. So it was a good opportunity to join in and had a little fun. The event was simple and although it was suppose to be a serious affair, both of us being
jokers cannot help it but add in a little laugh along the pledging of our vows.

On our day itself, it so happened that my mother took two days off work and she scooted the two gals to have a sleepover at my aunt's house. So we had the day to ourselves. We enjoyed a simple day of just fooling around with each other and enjoying each other's


It happened to be the first day of the OCBC Cycle 2012, so we went to join the queue and registered ourselves for a 39km challenge (last year, I did the 20 km community ride ... it was fun although tiring)

Then off we went for a simple but sumptuous meal....

And then to presents shopping...
After our 2nd year of marriage, we stopped wearing our wedding rings as both of us got a little out of size and we developed skin rashes where the rings were. So for ten years, we went without our rings but that did not make our marriage an
y worse. So this year, we decided to get a new pair. Not one with diamonds and gold but a pair of simple surgical steel rings which costs only $60.

Thereafter, he spotted a pie-maker and he was totally impressed
and we bought that too and that costs just as much as our pair of rings.

Then off we went to buy my fave chocolates... yummy.

And then we scooted off to a little shop, saw some headphones and earphones and I bought one for him to enjoy his fave music while on the bus to and fro work. (We are sharing that gift but I think I will just let him have it.)

To the bookstore we went... he found his book and he had to get the gals a book each too. I decided to wait for my birthday to get the book that I wanted because there will be further discount.

In between all those presents shopping, we ate again... Cheap and good food :)

We had our ups and our downs... we struggled through him being jobless for a few months and we had our quarrels... but we survived. How did we do it? He told me that after a few years into the marriage we had decided that we would not try to change each other. Which was quite true... instead of changing each other's habits, we learned to accommodate and compromise.

We are happy after all!

Monday, October 03, 2011

My first garage sale...

On 15 October 2011, Saturday, I will be at Cairnhill Community Club. There I will have a little table for a garage sale. I have intended to sell some of the used baby stuffs that have been lying around. On top of that, I will be putting up a little corner for my crafts. It is my first time trying to sell out of my circle of friends.

I have been very busy at night trying to produce more crafted items. I may not have a lot but I will try my best. I hope this will give me a good learning experience.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Holiday... Fun... Fun... and Fun!

The school holiday is here and it is left with just one week for the girls but for me, I have until Tuesday and then it's back to school for supplementary classes on Wednesday and Thursday.

There is no vacation out of Singapore (we did that already and we are trying to save up for another one next year ... will pray for that), yet we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit.

The first trip as a family was to Universal Studios Singapore. We bought discounted tickets and set off to have fun in the sun on 5 June...

It was a really fun day out. The girls hit the sack the moment they settled down in the car.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pizza Bread Dinner

It had been a long time since we had pizzas due to Aver's allergy. We did not want her to feel left out. It had also been awhile since I stepped into my kitchen. The school holiday has started and since we are not so keen to be out of the house due to the extreme heat these few weeks, I thought of having our own pizza making... the easy way out.

I used plain white bread for the base and pasta sauce to spread. The children added their own ingredients on top. Aver's was suppose to have goat's cheese but she did not like the taste so she went without. The comment for that simple dinner was great. Everyone enjoyed it.

The ingredients to start with...

The girls were good to go after clear instructions have been given.

The girls and their creations.

Pre-toasted ones... Cheesy top is Ash's and the pasta sauce one belongs to Aver (She has not cleared her milk challenge yet).

After toasting them...


Finger(s) licking good...

Superpig's creation.

My creatiion (sorry for the super oily face...)

My beloved toaster...

We love our food. I love my kitchen. Most of all, I love the time we can all spend together to enjoy it.
*Muacks* to my beloved family.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Aver's world

My youngest is a chatterbox.

She will start a conversation at any oppotunity she gets.

She loves to join in any conversations that are going on, create her own story up just to fit right in.

Sometimes, she just said the darnest things...

Example one:

We just had our General Election on Saturday. Her daddy told her that we (the adults) needed to go to the polling centre to cast our votes. So when it was time for us to go (the girls remained at home), she said,"Mummy, you are going to the PONY station to ride on the pony right? Like the pony we saw the other time (referring to the pony that was pulling the carriage at the water resort she saw a few weeks agao)?"

Example two:

We were at the library yesterday, the girls went to pick their books under the supervision of their father. I went to the adult section to look for books on polymer clay. When I returned to them, Aver said,"Mummy, later we have to buy a teddy bear for you because it is Mother's Day." I looked at her dad and he shook his head indicating that neither he nor Ash had hinted her. This was so sweet.

Example three:

We went in hunt for the teddy bear but instead they bought me a cushion and the little one wanted to get another teddy bear for me because in her eyes a cushion is not a teddy bear. So I told her that I don't mind the little Angry Bird handphone charm that I saw earlier. We went and bought each of us girls one of those little Angry Birds. On the way to the car, Aver asked her daddy,"Daddy, do you have a bird?"

I burst out laughing... I can't help it... I know she did not meant it in the obscene manner but it is just so cute...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Finally, a short holiday...

It had been almost five years since we stepped out of Singapore. We finally got a chance during the long weekend that had just passed. It was Aver's maiden trip out of Singapore. We joined a car rally organised by Superpig's organisation to Kuantan, Pahang. We went for a short weekend at Bukit Gambang Water Park.

The day started a little wrong, Superpig was suppose to meet with the leader of the pack at the Shell petrol kiosk right after the Malaysian customs but he was lost. So he made his way to the next meeting point, Tesco. However, when he saw it, it was too late and he turned in to the petrol kiosk on the other side of the street from it. (incidentally, it is also a Shell petrol kiosk). We waited to the rest of the pack to gather and off we went.

The rest of the ride to Mersing was okay... spotted lots of palm tree plantation, kampong houses, cows, a handful of goats and monkeys. The trouble came after we set off from Mersing. First, it was noon time and the car was all heated up, hence the air con was not able to effectively cool the car down. After the rest for Chendol, we followed one of the cars and missed two turns to Kuantan (which Superpig already felt uneasy about... he did his homework the night before so he knew the way). We sped along with the first car... four cars in total, up into the very rural and rough roads of the mountains. The view was nice at some points but the potholes did nothing good to the car suspension. Plus, the air con was not doing its job of cooling the car.

One hour into the mountains, the first car finally pulled to a stop at the side and realised that he was lost. Above that he had just a quarter tank of petrol left. Superpig then took the lead and led them back to the route that will lead us to Kuantan. We reached Bukit Gambang Water Resort two hours later than everyone else. The last four cars to arrive.

There were games for the whole group and dinner for the rest of the evening.

Day two started with breakfast and then a short walk across the street to Active Academy where many companies would have their team building exercises there. Flying Fox was one activity that we did. Ash went with no fear... One cool girl she was. Then, there was Superpig. Aver looked on and sulked over no being able to join in the fun. I was dragged up there (unwillingly) and screamed all the way down, much to everyone's amusement, even the staff personnels of the park. I was given a few thumbs up for great entertainment ....

After that, there was the jungle walk which I felt quite pathetic but at least we saw the peacock trying his best to attract the peahen and little rabbits taken out from the cage for the girls to touch and hold.

Then it was lunch and then we hopped onto the tram to the water park a little up the hill. The water park is very much like the one in Downtown East. The irritating part was the need to rent the tube and lug it around the water park. Went onto the big slides... Ash enjoyed it all, Aver waited patiently and then had her fun at the little slides for kids. There was a little river-like place where we all piled into the tube and rode along. The last part of the ride was fun as there were big waves and medium ones which rocked our 'boat'hard.

Lastly, it was the wave pool... we spent about the last hour there, riding happily on the waves when it started.

Then it was time to head back to the resort for a bbq buffet dinner and then rest for the night so that Superpig can have the energy to drive back home.

Next morning, we had difficulty waking, we were all too tired and the food was getting to greasy and 'ewwww' for us. We ate little, went back to the room to pack and rested some more till check out time. We were suppose to have lunch and leave the resort by 1 pm.

We gave up on lunch as our stomachs could no longer take the food, we decided to follow a couple back to JB and then to Jusco. We left the pack and set off, two cars... waved our goodbyes to the resort and maybe there will another chance to see it again. The place is nice enough for family but not exciting to want to stay for more than 3 days there.

I would say for the price that we had paid for this trip, it is alright and worth it. The main idea was for the kids to enjoy themselves and they did, despite the long car rides.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crochet Lariat

I love accessories even though I am not good at wearing them. I am a clumsy person and necklaces get caught onto something, rings will scratch myself, ear studs also end up lonely without a partner... But I love them.

I decided to make nice long lariat which is very versatile for the wearer... you can have it long, short, choker-like, bracelet and even as a nice teeny-weeny belt...

These two here are put up for sale... Each will be priced at S$8 (postage not inclusive).

Gold Caribbean

Tan Caribbean

Please send me an email if you are interested.